This exchange took place on the Microsoft "Most Valuable Professionals" newsgroup. The authors have kindly given me permission to reproduce their work here. If you wish to spread these wonderfully appropriate adjectives, please refer your friends to this URL:

De-lighted and De-monstrified

Alan Edwards wrote:
I know a bishop removed from office is de-frocked, but is an electrician de-lighted?
Steve Cochran replied:
Okay you started it.
That would make:
an exterminator, debugged (or deloused)
a travel agent, detoured
a divorcee, debrided
a window salesman, defenestrated
a gardener, deflowered
a journalist, depressed
a Playboy bunny, denuded (or debriefed)
a software engineer, deprogrammed
a motel owner, debunked
a teacher, degraded (or detested)
an appliance salesman, deranged
and King Kong, demonstrified.

Alan Edwards wrote back:
A beauty queen defaced?
An arsonist deflamed?
Mussolini deduced?
A cricketer decreased?
A protester demobbed?
A model deposed?
A horseman derided?
A father desired?
A politician devoted?
A stenographer denoted?
A miser demeaned?
An air conditioning engineer deducted?
An angler debated? (yuk!)
A blackjack dealer discarded?
That may be the end, as Steve has called it quits.

Then I responded:
I wouldn't count on it, Alan; you haven't patented the process!
a poet distressed?
a monkey detailed?
"The Shadow" dismantled?
a genealogist degenerated?
a Daddy Longlegs delegated? (Oh no, don't!)
Help! It's addictive...
BTW, I asked Tim [Slattery] what kind of a person should be "defibrilated", and he said "a liar."

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