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Really Smart

       Yep, they can be really smart - the smarter they are, the more trouble they are. My brother offered to watch a raccoon once... One complete set of china on the floor, and that lesson was learned. He came in to find it sitting in the cupboard, picking each plate up carefully in both hands, inspecting it, then throwing [it] across the room like a Frisbee.

       He showed me the revenge, though - here is a lesson in how slow (read - dumb) these creatures really are. First make sure that there is a ready source of water nearby - they always clean their food first, if they can. Then, give the little beggar (they have that act down) a sugar cube. Their eyes light up when they put it in their mouth to carry it away, tasting the sweetness. Then they go to water and start scrubbing away at it - and suddenly get the most dejected look on their face as they stare back and forth between the water and their hands. Next, they come running back and give you this pitiful look - until you produce another one just like the one they lost. Their eyes light up, and well, I think you can see where this goes. Hours of endless fun - repeat till bored.

©   1999   by Robert Dunlop

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