Miriam A Kilmer
       Timothy J. Slattery, a Computer Programmer and a wonderful singer
Jeffrey Foster Slattery, our beloved son, b/d October 21, 1996.       
The photograph was taken by his nurse (for "first foto," which kindly granted permission to reproduce it).
       Tom Bombadil, who likes to hunt socks
       Goldberry, who loves to have her spotted tummy rubbed

  Whisper, my long-haired tabby, was one of my all-time favorite cats. She slept on my pillow at night, pressed against the top of my head.
       Marigold, the long-haired tabby I had for 11 years, died in November, 1995. She was also known as "Magamuck" or "Manganeuse," names given to her by my niece, Meg, when Meg was two. It didn't matter which name I used; she wouldn't come when I called. However, she always came when I
I have a fabulous collection of dolls, some designed by Annette Himstedt,     stuffed toys, and a miniature menagerie.
Here's Meg's brother Timmy.       
He's an adult now.

Professional Life

Pastel Painting
Web Design & Computer Graphics
Green Pages Profile
Reading and selling books
Nature and the Environment
       The Nature Conservancy
       The Tree of Life
       Encyclopedia of Life
       Browser for Visible Human Data
Human Rights
       Amnesty International
       Healing The Child Within
World Peace
The Arts
       Singing (Madrigals, Shape Notes, Folk, etc.)

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