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Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)
Joyce Kilmer and Trees
Earth Day and Arbor Day

"Trees" is Joyce Kilmer's most popular poem. It was set to music by many composers, but the one we've all heard is by Oscar Rasbach.
Search for "Rasbach Trees" under keyword to find the sheet music at

Joyce Kilmer Biography at Wikipedia
Biography at
Books On-line: Authors
        Here you may find the entire texts of Joyce Kilmer's published poetry.
Main Street and Other Poems
        Gutenberg (electronic text or zip files)

Trees and Other Poems
        Gutenberg (electronic text or zip files) - Poetry of Joyce Kilmer:
Trees and Other Poems
"The Twelve-Forty-Five"
"Old Poets"
"Servant Girl and Grocer's Boy"
"The Apartment House"
"As Winds That Blow Against A Star"
"St. Laurence"
"To A Young Poet Who Killed Himself"
"Memorial Day"
"The Rosary"
"To Certain Poets"
"Love's Lantern"
"St. Alexis"
"Citizen of the World"
"To a Blackbird and His Mate Who Died in the Spring"
"The Fourth Shepherd"
"Mount Houvenkopf"
"The House with Nobody in It"
"Dave Lilly"
"Alarm Clocks"
Main Street and Other Poems
"Main Street"
"The Snowman in the Yard"
"A Blue Valentine"
"In Memory"
"The Proud Poet"
"Lionel Johnson"
"Father Gerard Hopkins, S. J."
"Gates and Doors"
"The Robe of Christ"
"The Singing Girl"
"The Annunciation"
"The Visitation"
"The Thorn"
"The Big Top"
"Queen Elizabeth Speaks"
"Mid-ocean in War-time"
"In Memory of Rupert Brooke"
"The New School"
"Easter Week"
"The Cathedral of Rheims"
"The White Ships and the Red"
Joyce Kilmer Essays (1888-1941)
Gutenberg (electronic text or zip files): Joyce Kilmer's "Holy Ireland"

Joyce Kilmer Papers at Georgetown University
Joyce Kilmer & Aline Kilmer Papers at Marquette University

Aline Kilmer (1888-1941)

Candles that Burn
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Poets Laureate of the U.S.A.
Rare books
Sara Teasdale: Letters to Joyce and Aline Kilmer : 1912 - 1932
        University Of Delaware Library Special Collections Department
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