You Are Not Ugly
Because you called yourself my "ugly" model,
I've pulled your
Webster's out to show
it simply isn't so.

Is that the man to whom scared children run,
who turns their cries of fear to peals of laughter?
that the man, of all good folk,
my wary inner child begins to trust?

2: a: offensive to the sight: HIDEOUS
Is that the man whose clear, warm gaze
attracted me when we first met?
that the man whose gentle radiance and loving smile
melted my heart and made my spirit sing?

My sight is not offended; no! my eyes rejoice
to contemplate your splendid countenance.
offensive or unpleasing to any sense
"I love the taste of you and the smell of you and the sound of you"
(see my letter of August twelfth).
morally offensive or objectionable: REPULSIVE
Don't make me laugh!
Your goodness draws true friends and trusting children,
inspires my love, and makes the angels sing!
4: a:
likely to cause inconvenience or discomfort <the ~ truth>
You comfort me like cashmere robes, hot chocolate, a rocking chair,
a Persian kitten on my lap, a crackling fire,
safe from the bitter wind and stinging snow.
Inconvenient? No: you are the center of my life,
and all that hinders love is inconvenience.
surly, quarrelsome <an ~ drunk>
Well, hardly ever. Everyone has grumpy moments, dear.
You are
not ugly. I have proved you lie.
I will not lie. Your features are not handsome:
they are mobile, soft and strong,
intriguing and attractive,
changing with every mood,
rife with character,
most comely when they smile with gentle wonder
at the sight of any child,
the sound of perfect music,
the love reflected in my eyes.
You are
not ugly, darling.
I am an artist, and
I know.
© 1994 Miriam A. Kilmer
January 7th, 1994

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