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Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Conventions

       The Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention logo is copyrighted, which means it is to be used only in conjunction with the flyer; however, print as many copies of our flyers as you wish. Please use recycled or FSC certified paper. Contact Miriam for assistance. Contact information and iternet addresses may be obsolete on older flyers.
Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention Flyers
       The Twenty-Fifth Annual PRC 2014
       The Twenty-Fourth Annual PRC 2013
       The Twenty-Third Annual PRC 2012
       The Twenty-Third Annual PRC article in FSGW Newsletter (page 23)
       The Twenty-second Annual PRC 2011
       The Twenty-first Annual PRC 2010
       The Twentieth Annual PRC 2009
       The Nineteenth Annual PRC 2008
       The Eighteenth Annual PRC 2007
       The Seventeenth Annual PRC 2006
       Sixteenth Annual PRC 2005
       Fifteenth Annual PRC 2004
       Fourteenth Annual PRC 2003
       Thirteenth Annual PRC 2002
       Twelfth Annual PRC 2001
       The Eleventh Annual PRC 2000
       The Tenth Annual PRC 1999
       The Eighth Annual PRC 1997
       Additional documents
       The Seventh Annual PRC 1996 ~ William R. Holt
       All-Day Singing School (October 28, 2000)
       Minutes of the 2000 Convention
       Minutes of the 1999 Convention
       Minutes of the 1997 Convention; from there you can find other years
       "My Early Experience With Sacred Harp"  ~ Dottie Hurley
       Images of Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Events


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