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Frederick Carl Frieseke, American Impressionist
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Shapenote Music
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Joyce Kilmer, Aline Kilmer, and their Contemporaries
December Harvest, Autobiography of Ada Foster Murray, mother of Aline Kilmer.
Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees" was dedicated to her.
Poetry by Miriam A. Kilmer
"Arts Tour June 2001" by Tim Slattery

Tim and Miriam went on a fine-arts tour which encompassed the National Sacred Harp Convention in Birmingham, AL, the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, and the Frieseke Exhibition at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis, TN, among other delights.
Kilmer Family

Kilmer Genealogy
Miriam A. Kilmer: Personal Home Page
Jeffrey Foster Slattery (our son who had anencephaly)
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